HMS Projects Block: Italy, 2007

During the first two weeks of May, 2007, eight High Mowing students explored Tuscany (mainly Florence, but also Pisa, San Gimignano, and Sienna) with side trips to Rome and Cinque Terre. This gallery leaves Italy in the background; it is mainly about the students: juniors Ryan Rodgers and Sally Rosenson, sophomores Charles Bell, Chloe Pittman, Amy Spitzfaden, Sarah Truchon, and David Wolkheiser, and freshman Faena Takahashi. (Additional pictures from the trip, with Italy itself taking a more prominent place, will eventually appear in other galleries.)

I am especially grateful to Sarah’s mom, Betsy, my co-chaperone, who kept me organized and sane and helped us make the right decisions, and we were all grateful to Faena’s father for a subsidy that enabled us to add a two-day excursion to Rome and to the Uhlein’s for inviting us to stay in their Rome apartment for a night.