Hiking the Thames Path

For two weeks in May, 2010, Serafin and I hiked the Thames Path from the source of the Thames (near Kemble) about half way to the sea, getting almost to Reading. We camped some of the nights and otherwise stayed in inns, B&Bs, and the Youth Hostel in Oxford. As far as food is concerned, it was more or less a 90-mile pub crawl. The weather was quite satisfactory — cloudy and cool much of the time, but with only one night of rain, which our tent proved equal to.

Early May was a good time for flowers. Click here for a sampling.

It was also hard to resist photographing the lambs and the swans. Click here for a few of my animal pictures.

We spent three full days in Oxford, taking tours, visiting museums, and exploring shops. Click here for photos of that stunning university town.

What follows on this page are shots of the river and of some of the sights we encountered along the way. (The order of photos may be confusing: we hiked down-river from Kemble to Oxford, then took a train to Pangbourne and hiked up-river back to Oxford.) You will notice the flatness of the terrain — one of the features of the Thames Path that was attractive as we attempted to get back into backpacking after over 30 years.