Review: It’s Complicated

It’s Complicated, written and directed by Nancy Meyers (2009), starring Meryl Streep, viewed at the Wilton Town Hall Theatre on January 15, 2010.

This is not a great movie. It’s not even the best movie I’ve seen in the past few weeks. But it is a very entertaining way to spend a few hours. And Meryl Streep is excellent.

The plot unfolds in a world remote from reality as we know it. It’s the world of Sunset magazine, with beautiful homes and yards and pleasant people untouched by poverty or disease or madness or violence or evil — nor even much discomfort. The only reality the film addresses is that of domestic relations, in particular the plight of a recovering divorcĂ©e as she tries to sort out her relationship to her ex.

There’s not much insight to take away. The ex, now in his late 50s, is immature, unreflective, and self-indulgent, and one is relieved that Streep’s character turns away from him by the end of the movie.

Still, the movie really is fun to watch. There are some very good lines and comic situations, and they are delivered perfectly. The audience (mostly over 40 and as many men as women) laughed out loud over and over. And I did too.

Check it out if your interested in an evening of entertaining fluff.

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