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Welcome to my web site!
. . . whether you’re a friend who’s curious to know what I’ve been thinking about lately or someone who’s just happened by.

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This is a place for me record some of the thoughts and questions that come to mind now and then. Comments welcome.
I’ve taken a great many photos since acquiring my first digital camera seven years ago, the majority documenting our travels to Italy, Greece, Spain, England, and Mexico and several trips within the U.S. and Canada. There are plenty of shots of friends, too, and even some photos from the old days, scanned in from prints.
I suppose this web site is an exercise in trying to pull together various strands of a single life and to explore whatever signs of wholeness might emerge. This link leads to an effort at chronological, mainly factual biography, a first step in remembering who I am. As such it’s of little interest to anyone but myself, though friends and family might find my selective memory and occasional misrememberings amusing or irritating.
My academic life has taken me in many directions — philosophy, comparative religion, German literature, Greek studies, history, linguistics, and even what used to be called “natural philosophy.” And for eight years I taught mathematics. I can’t claim to have made a mark in any single area nor to have risen beyond the rank of amateur polymath. Yet over and over I am drawn to certain recurring fundamental questions that bring a kind of coherence to my seemingly diffuse intellectual life.
Here you will find some comments on books that have been important over the years to my intellectual development, along with reviews of books I’ve encountered more recently.
Our son David died of leukemia in 1998, barely two years after graduating from high school. He was a marvelous young cellist and a thoughtful and caring person who fought his cancer for 16 months. I offer a few tokens of remembrance.
For the time being, this page only contains a link to the web site of my son’s furniture design business in Brooklyn, N.Y.
in statu nascendi
Employment and education summary, in case someone wants to disrupt my semi-retirement with an offer I can’t refuse.
WARNING: This site is under construction. If you'd prefer to view the finished product, please return sometime after 2025.